Get Creative with Spiral Binding

Designers and students use various kinds of binding methods for their portfolios, books, pitch documents and dissertations. You should be aware of the most common types of spiral binding in order to select the one that suits your preference.


The saddle stitching is the most economic binding method and hence it is extremely popular. The pages are folded, creased and are stapled together. A stapler which has long jaws is designed for this kind of binding. The saddle-stitching is usually used for binding magazines, textbooks and booklets which do not have a huge page count.

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Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is the type of spiral binding which is commonly used for books. The common name for this kind of binding is paperback. This kind of binding is also used for annuals, catalogues and manuals. The pages of the document are folded into separate sections and are glued to one another. The sections are inserted into the spine of the cover by using strong adhesive.

The perfect binding isn’t the strongest type of binding and the book will not be lying flat. If the pages start falling out then you can easily understand that the binding was not perfect. In the PUR perfect bind, the adhesive which is used is quite strong and it is usually used for hardcover books.

Section Sewn

The most secure type of binding is the section sewn method. The pages are then folded into sections and the different sections are sewn individually into the spine. The spine is also glued in order to get extra support. This type of spiral binding will lay flat irrespective of the number of pages.

Wire Binding

If you want to bind a document for the university then you can opt for spiral binding. In this type of binding, holes are punched into the document and then a wire is inserted through the holes. This type of binding looks fancy can be done with hard cover, printed case or cloth cases.

Cased-in Wiro Binding

If you do not want the wire to be seen then you can opt for the cased-in Wiro binding. This style of binding is slightly different from the traditional style of wiro binding. The result of this kind of spiral binding is impressive.


Pamphlet Binding

The process of pamphlet binding involves the use of a single section which is sewn down the spine by using running stitches. It is also considered to be an alternative to the method of stapling but it provides a more elegant look to the document.

spiral binding

Coptic Binding

This type of spiral binding does not involve the use of adhesive. The Coptic binding method was used by the ancient Egyptians. Through the folds, signatures are sewn and they are attached to each other. With the help of stiches it is fixed in two loosely covered boards.

Japanese Binding

The Japanese binding method is used to bind sheets of paper. You can opt for hard cover or soft covet on the basis of your preference. A decorative style of stitching is used. A hinge is created and it is used for large books.

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