Popular Methods of External Basement Waterproofing

Is there is a basement that does not require waterproofing!?

Most probably there isn’t any. If you want to use the basement space, then waterproofing the area is a must. Especially, if you want to convert the basement into a living area, inner waterproofing is the most common type of treatment that homeowners do. The method is cheaper and more popular than the external methods. The professionals of the basement waterproofing Toronto, however, indicate that external waterproofing method is equally, if not more, important than the inner method.

Let’s explore the reasons why you should go for external waterproofing of your basement.toronto waterproofing  

Why Waterproof the Basement Walls Externally?

By waterproofing the inside part of the basement walls you are not trying to stop the water from getting inside the walls. Instead, you are making sure that the water does not harm, once it seeped inside the walls.

This is a bit silly really. Water is corrosive to the building materials. By keeping the outside wall open, you are exposing the wall to the water. With time, the seeped water will break the composition of the wall down, making the base of the house weak. Talk to the basement waterproofing Toronto to know more about the bad effects of water on the basement walls.

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What Can Be Done?

To help the walls of the basement, waterproof the outside of the wall. There are two methods of external waterproofing, drainage and barrier. Some experienced basement maintenance companies, such as basement waterproofing Toronto, use the method of diversion.

  • Drainage: In this process, to drain the water that accumulates in the floors surrounding the basement cellar, the professionals install drainage systems. By availing this method, you are giving the accumulated water a pathway to follow rather than seeping into the walls.
  • Diversion: In this method, by developing downspouts and rain gutters in your residence, the professionals try to divert the rainwater away from the base of the basement floor.
  • Barrier: In this method, the outer surface of the foundation wall of the house is coated with waterproof materials. In this way, the little moisture the soil surrounding the outer wall has will not be able to penetrate the wall. Thus, your basement will become moisture free in no time.

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The Problems

There are some real reasons for which the exterior waterproofing of the basement is not that popular. No matter what method you choose, the basement waterproofing Toronto will need to excavate around the structure of the house to install the system. Excavation is the reason for which external waterproofing has become so expensive. Along with that, if excavation is done by some inexperienced workers, they might damage the underground utility line. If the excavator digs deep, the base walls of your house might get damaged. In fact, if excavation is continued up to a certain level, it can shift the foundation walls of the house as well.

Everything decision you take in life has some pros and some cons. Just like that, the external waterproofing also has some pros and cons. Consider both of them carefully before making any decision. Call the basement waterproofing Toronto for any kind of help. Just remember, a water-free basement can provide a comfortable basement dwelling for decades.



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