Which Replacement Windows Are Most Energy Efficient?

Gone are the days when homeowners when homeowners used to look for stylish windows. Nowadays, homeowners have become energy conscious. In order to cut down the cost of heating and cooling the home, selecting an energy-efficient window would be an ideal choice.

Homeowners might not be well-aware of the fact that decaying windows can allow 40% of the heat to pass. Hence, in order to avoid the increased billing, windows need to be replaced. However, when going for replacement windows, energy efficiency should be an important concern.

Energy Efficiency of the Windows

When you plan to go for energy efficient windows, you need to know that it is measured by its U factor. Usually, the factor can range from 0.15 to 0.30. If the number is lower the windows will absorb more heat.


Factors That Contribute the Energy Efficiency

Before you head to a store to get an energy efficient replacement windows installed for your home, you need to know that certain elements contribute to its energy-efficiency. For instance, the panes, frames, and spacers devotes to the energy saving effect.


Windows with Multiple Glass Panes

Before you consider which type of windows is the most energy-efficient, you need to be very careful. You can go for multiple-pane galas windows as it can trap air between the glass and insulate the home during summer and winter season.

Energy efficient replacement windows feature double-pane glass windows that are filled with inert glass. It is almost twice energy efficient as single windows. Alternatively, one can go for triple-pane glass windows. It is ideal for those who want it to be highly energy efficient. This window offers the best U factor and low energy cost.

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Glass Panes

Argon is placed between the panes of glass. This gas adds an extra layer of insulation to the windows. As the inert gas is non-toxic, natural, and colorless, it doesn’t pose any threat. The extra efficiency helps to cut down the utility bill. Moreover, argon filled glass panes are highly affordable.

Energy Star Certification

Homeowners might like the heat but fear the cold or vice versa. Hence, one can check out the energy efficiency options and choose replacement windows that suit their need. The options are:

  • The U factor should be between 0.15 and 0.26.
  • The solar heat gain coefficient value should be of .25 or higher. It can tell how much the home can get heated by the sun through the glass.
  • Condensation resistance should be 65 or higher.
  • Design pressure should be 50 or higher as it can help to measure structural integrity of the window.
  • The air infiltration should be .05 and lower. It can help to measure the amount of air that can be leaked through the windows.

Foam Filled Windows

The window frames must be filled with foam in order to reduce the thermal conduction and efficiency.

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Although energy efficient windows might seem to be a bit expensive than other form of windows; still, they are a better choice. However, get your energy-efficient replacement windows from a reputed contractor always.

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